Shipping Policy


Section 21.01 of Terms of Service) - Shipping Policy

We aim to have your order dispatched from our facility as soon as possible. We strive to process and dispatch orders within 2-7 business working days.

Order dispatched, is a term used in our terms of service policy, meaning the purchased product has been checked for quality control, packed, stamped, invoiced by us, and handed to a courier.

Once the courier has received the product from our warehouse, the shipping process has started to deliver the product to your home address. Shipping and delivery times are 15-21 working days, excluding dispatch time. (usually 15 working days) All delivery dates are estimated and are not guaranteed. 

Section 21.02 of Terms of Service) - Non-Shipping Days

Please allow extra time for your order to be processed during Public Holidays and busy periods. Customs and Postal Service may also require extra time to work on the processing/delivery during peak season or before major events or holidays (e.g., Valentine’s Day).

Certain products may arrive separately because we are shipping the products from different manufacturers from different warehouses.

We will not ship on the following dates. 


New Year's Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day


Day after Thanksgiving

Christmas (December 22nd - 27th)

Please note, shipping estimates will begin the following business day. We don’t ship on non-business days or holidays. We are not responsible for any shipping deliveries that may be affected by customs, natural occurrences, or air and ground transportation strikes.


Section 21.03 of Terms of Service) - Faulty Products

In very rare circumstances, there could be damages caused by shipping. Please contact us via our contact form on our website. * PLEASE READ SECTION 22 OF OUR TERMS OF SERVICE POLICY

Section 21.03 of Terms of Service) Import Taxes & Duties

Some countries outside the United States may require import tax, duties, and related Customs fees for the imports.

We do not Have Expedited Shipping Exclusions. All of our products can be shipped to your home address. We will give you 24 hours to change your order, however, we will not be able to cancel your order.

We strive to process and ship your order as quickly as possible, so once an order is submitted, you have the chance to change your order within 24 hours. Simply email us within 24 hours of submitting the order.

Shipping costs are calculated based on the delivery location, weight, and dimensions of the shipment, and the price of the entire order. Shipping will be calculated in real-time at checkout. Orders over $25 ship for free.

Section 21.04 of Terms of Service) Transport Costs

The transport costs on our website are paid by the customer, unless both parties have agreed upon otherwise in writing. This includes returning a product. 

Section 21.04 of Terms of Service) Delay

A delay in delivery will not be an eligible reason for a refund or chargeback.

Of course, delivery delays have become a big issue with lockdowns caused by COVID-19. We cannot control the lockdown in various places, nor the challenges relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, including delays. Some carriers have had to change the schedule, resulting in a delay.

COVID-19 is a Force Majeure from unforeseen circumstances according to our Terms and Conditions Policies. Delays can be caused because of the worldwide pandemic situation. We are constantly working on providing the best service to all our valuable customers. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience caused, however, a delay will not be a reason for a chargeback or refund request!!! 

Our shipping policies are part of our terms and conditions, confirmed and agreed upon when you place the order.

Section 21.05 of Terms of Service) Chargeback

We do not accept any chargebacks. We are here to solve any problems with our customers. In any condition or circumstance, a claim cannot exceed the paid amount for a product, including shipping. Please refer to section 18 and 19 from our terms of service to learn more about disputes.