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Smart Curtain Switch Robot Arms Electric Motor

Smart Curtain Switch Robot Arms Electric Motor

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Smart Curtain Switch Robot Arms Electric Motor Bluetooth Automatic Curtain Opener Smart Life APP Via Alexa Google Home

Introducing the ultimate solution for your home automation needs - the Smart Curtain Switch Robot Arms Electric Motor Bluetooth Automatic Curtain Opener! With a powerful 2W wattage and a travel speed of 20 seconds/m, this motorized curtain opener is perfect for T-shaped, inner groove rail, and Roman rail curtains. The Smart Life APP allows you to easily control the curtains via Alexa or Google Home, making it convenient for you to open or close your curtains even from a distance. With a rated torque of 3KG, this curtain driver robot is powerful enough to handle even the heaviest of curtains. The roller shade driver is also a great option for those who prefer a different style. With features like a luminosity temperature sensor and timer, you can customize your curtain settings to suit your preferences. The Smart Curtain Switch Robot Arms Electric Motor Bluetooth Automatic Curtain Opener is also RoHS and CE certified, ensuring safety and quality. The 4000mA lithium battery and Type-C interface make it easy to charge and use. Upgrade your home automation game with this amazing product today!

  • Wattage: 2W
  • Type 3: Smart Curtain Driver Robot
  • Type 2: Roller Shade Driver
  • Type 1: Rope Pull Curtain Automation Controller
  • Travel speed: 20 seconds/m
  • Suitable for curtain: T-shaped/inner groove rail/Roman rail
  • Rolling Speed: 20 seconds/m
  • Rated torque: 3KG
  • Model Number: Smart curtain driver robot
  • Feature 2: Support single-opening or double-opening
  • Feature 1: Luminosity Temperature sensor,Timer
  • Charging current:: 5V/1A/Type-c interface
  • Certification: RoHS
  • Certification: CE
  • Battery capacity: 4000mA lithium battery


1. Open and close curtains regularly

2. Graffiti APP control

3. Control the curtain to be fully open/half open or close

4. Luminosity sensor (automatically closes when the luminosity is greater than the setting)

5. Temperature sensor (automatically closed when the temperature is greater than the set temperature)

6. Support single-opening or double-opening (double-opening requires the purchase of a package)

7. Support remote control(need to be equipped with a bluetooth gateway)

8.Support third-party smart speakers(For Alexa and Google Assistant)

9. Equipped with a 4000mAh rechargeable battery, it can last 6 months depending on the usage.


  • Product name Smart curtain robot
  • Motor voltage:5V
  • Rated torque:3KG
  • Travel speed:20 seconds/m
  • Battery capacity:4000mA lithium battery
  • Charging current:5V/1A/Type-c interface
  • Standby power consumption:600uA
  • Suitable for curtain:T-shaped/inner groove rail/Roman rail
  • Product size 65.0*51.6*112.8mm
  • Movable distance, the maximum learning distance is 20 meters
  • Working hours 6 months if it is opened/closed twice a day

Package Included:

Single curtain: intelligent curtain robot*1, data cable*1, instruction manual*1

Double curtains: intelligent curtain robot*2, data cable*2, instruction manual*1

or Bluetooth Gateway*1

Learning Method

1、Click above smart curtain robot

2、The initial installation position of the curtain robot is the curtain's close state, click"start learning".

3、Click "stop learning" after the curtain is fully opened.

4、Click "OK" after completing the learning.