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Thickness Glass Cutter Beer Wine Bottles Cutter

Thickness Glass Cutter Beer Wine Bottles Cutter

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2-8mm Thickness Glass Cutter Beer Wine Bottles Cutter Bottle Cutting Tool For Art Craft Making DIY

  • Use: Glass Cutting
  • Model Number: Wine Bottle Cutter
  • DIY Supplies: Tiling
  • Cut Thickness: 2-8mm


Bottle cutting is an activity in which a person cuts a bottle using one of a variety of techniques, to create a new product. There are lots of ways to do this particular trick. You may have seen bottles cut using a bucket of ice water, a string soaked in fuel and set alight, a hot narrow gauge resistive wire, or some combination. You may even have tried all the above, and wondering if there is a more easier and quicker way to cut bottles. The answer is yes. Now, with this convenient bottle cutter, you can easily recycle your used glass bottles into reusable drinking glasses or flower vases.


  • This bottle cutter uses a durable and non-rust steel holder and high quality plastic body that can make sure long service life and bottle being cut neatly.
  • Sturdier and easier to use than all other models, this highly durable bottle cutter will help you cutting bottles perfectly in a few steps.
  • Carbide cutting wheel that can cut 2mm to 8mm thick glass bottle, easy to make a score line that joins up perfectly every time.
  • It could cut a huge range of bottle sizes, even thick champagne bottles can be cut easily and smoothly.
  • With this method of recycling, you can turn many kinds of bottles into drinking glasses, vases, or other vessels.


  • Main Material: Steel and plastic
  • Color: Red, Blue, Orange(Optional)
  • Suitable For: 2mm to 8mm thick glass bottles(of diameter 5cm~10cm)
  • Quantity: 1pc


Step 1: Adjust the cutter

Insert a glass bottle into the cutter and tighten the screw, make sure the cutting wheel can touch the bottle with pressure.

Step 2: Cut a line on the bottle

This is exactly same as making a score line when glass cutting. Using one hand rotate the cutter and another hand to keep the bottle sturdy.This will take practice if you have never used a cutter to cut glass before.Only cut around the bottle once.

Step 3: Heat and cool the cutting line

Flush the score linewith cold and hot water alternately, till the glass bottle is separated.

Step 4: Smooth the cutting line

Smooth the cutting linewith sandpaper.

Package Includes:

1 x Bottle Cutter

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