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1 Bottle Organic Castings Concentrate Fertilizer

1 Bottle Organic Castings Concentrate Fertilizer

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1 Bottle Organic Castings Concentrate Fertilizer Olive Bonsai Tree Hydroponic Nutrient Solution Universal Potted Plant

  • State: Liquid
  • Purity: Universal Nutrition Solution
  • Other Names: Plant Nutrient Solution
  • Net content:: 38ML/bottle
  • Model Number: Universal Nutrition Solution
  • MF: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
  • EINECS No.: Universal Nutrition Solution
  • Classification: Plant Food
  • CAS No.: Universal Nutrition Solution
  • Application: Hydroponic flower fertilizer for succulents


1. Usage: Add nutrient solution each time you change the water. Each bottle can be used 10 times. Adjust the usage according to the capacity of the water in your container. A single bottle of plants can be used for about 1 month!

2. Applicable plants: Suitable for various soilless culture (peat, frog stone, ceramsite, perlite, etc.), and various hydroponic flowers.

3. How to use: Potted soil cultivation: 5 ML mixed with water 500-1000ML. After dilution, spray it over the leaf surface or water the roots.

4. Potted plants: Unscrew the cap and insert the bottle upside down into the flowerpot. It will release nutrients slowly.

5. Scientific ratio: The ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is 1: 2: 1. The liquid is rich in various micro-child elements required by plants to promote healthy growth of plants. Pay attention to thin fertilization, and the concentration should not be too high.


Name: Universal Nutrition Solution

Net content: 38ML/bottle

Dimensions: about 2.5*2.5*13cm/0.98*0.98*5.12inch

Uses: Hydroponic flower fertilizer for succulents

Packing List:

Plant Nutrient Solution*1 Bottle