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2-in-1 Cordless Sweeper Built -in Vacuum Broom Cleaner

2-in-1 Cordless Sweeper Built -in Vacuum Broom Cleaner

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2-in-1 Cordless Sweeper Built -in Vacuum Broom Floor Vacuum Cleaner Lazy Dust Scoop Hand Cleaner Magic Broom Wiper Cleaning Tool

Smart Broom is designed and engineered to make cleaning fun and easy. The powerful built-in vacuum sucks up your common household dirt and debris all without a dustpan! Smart Broom’s smart nozzle activates the vacuum tilt and press the pressure activated nozzle against the floor to start the suction. Then just lift up and the suction stops!
Powerful suction the high RPM motor and specially designed nozzle creates powerful suction for ease of use and no more dustpan lines
Lightweight and all that power and only 39 ounces and compact for storage and perfect for those with mobility issues
Completely cordless a long lasting, rechargeable lithium battery pack makes Smart Broom easy to use and maneuver and never pay for batteries
Includes rechargeable lithium Powerpack high speed charging cable 3-Piece locking no wiggle handle

  • Usage: home
  • Type9: cleaning robot
  • Type8: vaccum to clean acuarium
  • Type7: magic cleaner
  • Type6: Broom and Dustpan Set
  • Type5: pet hair broom
  • Type4: robot vacuum
  • Type3: Hand Brush and Dustpan
  • Type2: sewing broom
  • Type12: Shovel Dust Scoop Grabber
  • Type11: Household Products
  • Type10: pick up tool
  • Type1: bathroom accessories
  • Type: Hand Brush and Dustpan
  • Model Number: K7JAS014 Brooms & Dustpans)
  • Dustpan Material: Plastic
  • Broomstick Material: Plastic
  • Broom Head Material: Plastic Wire





Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Roxanne Rolfson

I bought the simplified one, cuz it's so much cheaper, but the quality is not as cheap as the price, it is so good to use, easy to handle it, use it to clean my bedroom, don't need to drag long wires like a vacuum cleaner. Satisfied.

Hermina Blick

I think this product is good, the suction is very strong, it is the first time I have seen this type of product, it is very innovative, and it is especially useful when cleaning up debris.

Ola Ullrich

The merchant said that the material has been changed for airtightness. It looks a little different from the picture but it doesn't make any difference to me. The suction is quite strong, easy to use.Love it. : )