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Automatic Barking Stop For Small Dogs

Automatic Barking Stop For Small Dogs

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Automatic Barking Stop For Small Dogs

Are you tired of your small dog constantly barking and disturbing the peace? Look no further than our Automatic Barking Stop for Small Dogs. This innovative product is designed to effectively control your dog's barking behavior, providing you and your furry friend with a much-needed peace of mind.

Made from high-quality ABS and polyester materials, this dog collar is both durable and comfortable for your pet to wear. It comes in two stylish colors - black and black and white dots, allowing you to choose the one that suits your dog's personality.

The collar features two training modes - Beep and Shock, giving you the flexibility to choose the most suitable method for your dog. With the sound warning option, your dog will be alerted before any stimulation, ensuring a safe and effective training experience.

No matter the size of your dog, our Anti Bark collar is suitable for all. It is recommended for dogs weighing between 5 to 120 pounds, making it ideal for small, medium, and large dogs. The adjustable length of the collar, ranging from 3.9" to 26", ensures a perfect fit for your furry friend.

With the Sound Mode warning, your dog will receive a gentle reminder before any stimulation, allowing them to associate the sound with their barking behavior. This helps in reinforcing the training and discouraging excessive barking.

The collar offers 5 levels of sensitivity adjustment, allowing you to customize the training experience based on your dog's temperament and the surrounding environment. This ensures that the collar is effective for all types of dogs and situations.

Testing the Electric Shock Collar Bark Control is quick and easy with the included test light bulbs. This allows you to ensure that the collar is functioning properly before using it on your dog.

In the packing list, you will receive one Auto Bark Collar with a PP Collar for easy and secure attachment. Additionally, two sets of metal probes - long and short - are included to accommodate dogs with different fur lengths. An English manual is also provided for your convenience.

Say goodbye to excessive barking and hello to peace and quiet with our Automatic Barking Stop for Small Dogs. Order yours today and enjoy a harmonious living environment with your beloved furry companion.

Product information:

  • Material: ABS+polyester
  • Color: black, black and white dots
  • Applicable to: dogs


1.Dog No Bark control dog collar have Beep & Shock mode training your dog
2.The option have sound warning prior to the stimulation Modes to ensure your dog learns to stop barking
3.The Anti bark collar suitable for Small / Medium / Large Dogs and Recommendedfor dogs from 5 to 120 pound dogs
4.The 75CM Collar of no bark collar is Adjustable Length from 3.9" (10cm) to 26" (65cm)
5.Dog Bark Collar Sound Mode warning prior to the stimulation
6.5 levels sensitivity adjustable for different dogs and environments
7. Easy testing method to check the Electric Shock Collar Bark Control

Packing list:

1 x Auto Bark Collar with PP Collar
1 x 2 Set Metal Probes (Long / Short)
1 x Test Light Bulbs
1 x English Manual


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