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Children's Variety Puzzle Manual Disassembly Toolbox

Children's Variety Puzzle Manual Disassembly Toolbox

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Children's Variety Puzzle Manual Disassembly Toolbox


1. Easy 3D assembling
3D assembly requires a three-dimensional tripod and nuts, which can be assembled
A variety of three-dimensional patterns
2. Puzzle and enlightenment while learning and playing
Can put together a variety of different animals and plants, numbers, letters, improve
Baby's imagination and hands-on ability
3. Rotary tightening is not loose
Scientific patching gaps are lightly screwed, and the buckle is not easy to fall and patching
We have to be steady
4. 3D modeling can be assembled on both sides
Easy to use, children can complete the assembly and practice by themselves, so easy
5. Variety of DIY building blocks
Free conversion between plane and three-dimensional, you can according to your own
Favorite spelling pattern
6. Two-way simulation electric drill can be forward and reverse
There are two buttons on the handle of the electric drill, which can be turned back and forth
Easy to install or remove


  • Material: Plastic/Plastic
  • Function: Electric
  • Product category: Three-dimensional puzzle
  • Packing: color box, e-commerce box

Rotary tightening is not loose, 3D modeling, double-sided can be assembled
Respectively simulated electric drills can be just like
Gourmet design, large capacity

Color: 188PCS manual, 189PCS manual + electric, 275PCS manual, 276PCS manual + electric, 316PCS manual + electric

Package Content:

1* Variety puzzle disassembly toolbox


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