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DIY Electric Mini Engraving Pen Machine

DIY Electric Mini Engraving Pen Machine

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DIY Electric Mini Engraving Pen Machine Metal Chisel Mark Plastic Glass Corrosion Engraving Tool Automatic Engraving Pen Use AA

  • Type of Wholesale: no
  • Set Type: no
  • Model Number: Automatic Engraving Pen
  • Material: ABS
  • Feature 1: Engraving Pen
  • Feature: Electric Mini Engraving Machine



An easy way to protect your valuables

Identify valuable appliances and equipment

Decorate gifts or trophies with everlasting messages

Personalize your sporting gear, children's toys, tools, and so on

Hold the engrave like a pencil with your thumb over the control button

Used to inscribe almost any metal, wood, glass or plastic material

Engrave any surface almost in seconds!


Size: 17.5*2.9*2.9 cm

Color: blue + white

Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included)


1. Please wear protective eyewear when engraving and wash hands immediately after use.

2. It is not recommended that you engrave electronic media such as CD's or DVD's etc.

because engraving on these materials may damage the media.

Package includes:

1X electric engrave pen (AA battery is not included)