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Dog Mat Sniffing Pad Blanket Training Puzzle

Dog Mat Sniffing Pad Blanket Training Puzzle

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Dog Mat Sniffing Pad Blanket Puppy Training Puzzle ToyDog toys Pet Slow Feeder Snuffle Mat IQ Foraging Skills Training Feeding

Introducing the Dog Mat Sniffing Pad Blanket Puppy Training Puzzle Toy! This innovative dog toy is not only a fun puzzle for your furry friend, but also a slow feeder that can prevent digestive problems and correct bad eating habits.

The Snuffle Mat is designed to stimulate your pet's foraging instinct and satisfy their senses during mealtime, making it a more enjoyable experience. It builds interaction between you and your pet, making it suitable for any breed, age, and size of dogs. Your furry friend is sure to love it!

One of the best features of this dog mat is its easy maintenance. You can simply throw it into the washing machine and forget about it. It is machine washable and dryer safe, ensuring that it stays clean and fresh for your pet to use.

Not only is this mat great for feeding, but it also serves as a nose work training tool for your dog. It encourages them to learn with fun and happiness, while also relieving their stress when they are alone at home.

The Snuffle Mat is made of soft fleece that is easy to clean and can be washed by machine. It has several hiding spots for dog snacks, enhancing your dog's interest and making the experience more exciting. The non-slip bottom cloth effectively fixes the mat in place, preventing any slipping or sliding during playtime.

Dogs naturally love to use their sense of smell, and this mat provides the perfect outlet for them to do so. It consumes their energy, releases their stress, reduces over-excited reactions, and promotes self-confidence.

This dog mat is not only practical but also stylish. It features a solid pattern and is made of durable and non-toxic corduroy material. It is breathable and ensures your pet's comfort while using it.

The Dog Slow Feeding Mat is not only a great toy but also a tool to improve your pet's intelligence. It satisfies their natural curiosity and enhances their superior sense of smell. By hiding treats or small toys, it trains their sense of smell, drains their energy, and helps them lose weight.

In addition to all these great features, the Snuffle Mat is water washable and machine washable, making it convenient and fast to clean. It is suitable for pets, dogs to grind their teeth, and improve their intelligence.

Invest in the Dog Mat Sniffing Pad Blanket Puppy Training Puzzle Toy today and watch your pet's happiness and intelligence soar!

Snuffle Mat is a slow feeding mat for preventing digestive problems and correcting bad eating habit. It stimulates pet’s foraging instinct and satisfies pet’s senses so that mealtime is more enjoyable.
Indoor dog training mat Builds interaction between owner and pet . training ,Any breed, any age, any size, all dogs will love it!
You can throw this mat into the washing machine and forget about it. It is machine washable and dryer safe.
Nose work Training for your Dog Learns with Fun and Happiness and Relieve dogs stress when he or she alone in your home


  • It has soft fleece and is easy to clean and can be washed by machine.
  • There are several places which can hide dog snacks, enhancing interest for dog.
  • Non-slip bottom cloth can effectively fix mat, and prevent slippery
  • Dogs like to smell it so that it can consume the dog’s energy, release their stress, reduce the over-excited reaction, prompting self-confidence.
  • Wash Style: Mechanical Wash
  • Type: Dogs
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Model Number: Pet Mat
  • Material: Corduroy
  • Is Smart Device: No
  • Feature: Breathable

Dog Slow Feeding Mat is Soft, made of eco-friendly fabrics, durable and non-toxic, they are really thick and strong and can be cleaned easily.
Creative and Unique, Hide the treats or small toy to satisfies dogs natural curiosity and enhance its superior sense of smell, let your dogs to find it out, it trains your dog's sense of the smell, drain your dog's energy and lose weight.
To meet the dogs sniffing needs, relieve the stress on the pet, and improve the dogs sniffing ability
Water washable, machine washable, convenient and fast.
Suitable for pets, dogs to grind teeth and improve intelligence.




Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dorian D'Amore

Perfect!! My puppy is really happy with it

Craig Nitzsche

Arrived in lest than 2 weeks wow really good!

Susana Bins

Super price-performance. Great part. Just right for my little dachshund animal.

Waino Skiles

Delighted product, x my dog Czech is a great help to the development of the smell! Product arrived blazing fast! Board

Craig King

Super thing! The dog is very pleased, looking for food with pleasure and just lying on this litter. Sometimes he brings his toys there, he now has his own game)))

Enrico Considine


Jaren Conn

Dog Mat Sniffing Pad Blanket Training Puzzle

Magdalen Collins

The mat is very good quality. Pudle puppy really liked

Bernhard Mosciski

It came fast, the right follow-up, and put up the use with two pitbull, which destroy everything, so recommended, already to order the 2da