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Beauty Facial Massager Roller Slimming Jade Scraping Mask Brush

Beauty Facial Massager Roller Slimming Jade Scraping Mask Brush

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Rose Quartz Roller Face-lifting Massager Natural Jade Facial Massager Roller Slimming Jade Scraping Mask Brush Three-piece Set

  • wholesale: Support wholesale and logo customization
  • stand by: Wholesale/custom/support direct delivery
  • model: Portable thin face massage roller
  • Type: Jade roller + sand scraping + facial mask brush
  • Number of Pieces: Combo
  • Material: Quartz
  • Function 5: Rose Quartz Roller
  • Function 4: jade roller massager Rose Quartz Massager
  • Function 3: Jade facial massage roller
  • Function 2: Facial Massager
  • Function 1: Portable thin face massage roller
  • Brand Name: LORAPO

About this product:

Jade roller + sand scraping + facial mask brush

1. Enjoy a natural and healthy massage-the jade roller is made of 100% natural jade. Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, reduce dark spots under the eyes, improve skin and health conditions without any chemicals or irritants.

2. Large rollers are suitable for neck, chin, cheeks and forehead, small rollers are suitable for eyes, nose and lips. The rollers promote blood circulation and can reduce puffiness and wrinkles.

3. Guasha Rose Quartz Stone-The package also contains Rose Quartz Healing Stone. This is a very good jade shaving tool, very suitable for use on your body, and is very helpful to relieve stress and always maintain a relaxed and beautiful mood.

4. Mask brush can easily care for the skin.


Special Note:

1. Everyone's color, jade pattern and thickness are different, which is normal. Because this project is carved with natural stone.

2. As you know, although we pack the jade very carefully, the jade roller is very fragile and easily damaged during transportation. If you receive a roll-off massager, please contact us to replace it with a new one.



1. Relieve facial tension.

2. Enhance skin elasticity, tighten and condition skin.

3. Reduce puffiness, puffiness and dark circles.

4. Helps penetrate beauty products (such as creams and fragrances) deeper into the skin for better absorption

5. Promote blood circulation, make the face naturally healthy.


how to use

1. Wash your face with ordinary detergent.

2. Apply any night cream to the face and neck.

3. Move up and gently move the forehead, cheeks, lips and jade wheel on the neck. If the eyes are swollen or swollen, close your eyes and roll gently on the eyelids.

4. Use the roller on the face and neck for 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Use the jade roller 3 times a week to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Product Name: Mask Brush

Material: Silicone

Product size: 14*3cm

Product packaging: white card head OPP bag packaging

Function: Soft silicone brush head for even application. Apply the mask to smooth the wrinkles of the clay mask.