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Household Winter Pet Warm Sleeping Pad

Household Winter Pet Warm Sleeping Pad

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Household Winter Pet Warm Sleeping Pad

Welcome to our web page dedicated to the Household Winter Pet Warm Sleeping Pad! This cozy and comfortable sleeping pad is the perfect accessory to keep your furry friend warm during the cold winter months.

Made from high-quality coral fleece and fine plush materials, this sleeping pad provides a soft and plush surface for your pet to rest on. It is available in a variety of styles to suit your pet's personality and your home decor. Choose from options such as Milky white paw print, light coffee paw print, deep coffee paw print, purple paw print, white star on gray background, light pink lamb, Strawberry Foundation, dark gray gypsophila, solid color light gray, Little White Bear Grey Bottom, Blue Love, and coffee color love.

In terms of size, we have a range of options to accommodate pets of different sizes. The No. 1 size measures 35*29 cm and is suitable for mini pets weighing within 2 kg. The No. 2 size measures 48*34 cm and is perfect for small pets weighing within 5 kg. The No. 3 size measures 58*39 cm and is suitable for medium and small pets weighing within 10 kg. The No. 4 size measures 69*48 cm and is ideal for medium-sized pets weighing within 25 kg. The size 5 measures 84*57 cm and is suitable for medium-sized pets weighing within 35 kg. The size 6 measures 100*70 cm and is perfect for large pets weighing within 45 kg. Lastly, the size 7 measures 114*75 cm and is an extended size suitable for pets weighing 55 Jinnei.

This winter pet warm sleeping pad not only provides warmth and comfort but also adds a touch of style to your home. Its paw print and other attractive designs will surely make it a favorite spot for your pet. Additionally, the high-quality materials used ensure durability and long-lasting use.

So, give your pet the gift of warmth and comfort with our Household Winter Pet Warm Sleeping Pad. Order now and make your pet's winter season cozy and enjoyable!

 Product information:

  • Material: coral fleece and fine plush
  • Style A: Milky white paw print
  • Style B: light coffee paw print
  • Style C: deep coffee paw print
  • Style D: purple paw print
  • Style E: white star on gray background
  • Style F: light pink lamb
  • Style G: Strawberry Foundation
  • Style H: dark gray gypsophila
  • Style I: solid color light gray
  • Style J: Little White Bear Grey Bottom
  • Style K: Blue Love
  • Style L: coffee color love

Size Information:

Size: No. 1 (35*29) cm-mini within 2 kg, No. 2 (48*34) cm-small within 5 kg, No. 3 (58*39) cm-medium and small within 10 kg, No. 4 (69* 48) cm-medium size within 25 kg, size 5 (84*57) cm-medium size within 35 kg, size 6 (100*70) cm-large size within 45 kg, size 7 (114*75) cm-extended size 55 Jinnei


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