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Magnet Door Stops Magnetic Door Stopper

Magnet Door Stops Magnetic Door Stopper

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Magnet Door Stops Magnetic Door Stopper Non-punch Six Colors Available Door Holder Hidden Doorstop Furniture Door Hardware

Introducing our Magnet Door Stops, the ultimate solution for keeping your doors open or closed without the need for punching holes in your walls. With their magnetic properties, these door stoppers are both simple and effective, providing a hassle-free alternative to traditional methods.

Available in six vibrant colors, our Magnet Door Stops are not only functional but also stylish, seamlessly blending with your furniture door hardware. Whether you have modern or traditional décor, these door holders will complement any interior design.

One of the standout features of our Magnet Door Stops is their hidden doorstop design. Unlike bulky and unsightly door stoppers, these magnets discreetly keep your doors securely in place without drawing attention. Say goodbye to tripping hazards and unsightly obstructions!

With Model Number E434, our Magnet Door Stops are designed to provide maximum convenience and peace of mind. Whether you need to keep your doors open for ventilation or closed for privacy, these door holders are up to the task. No more worrying about doors slamming shut or being left ajar.

Installation is a breeze with our Magnet Door Stops. Simply place the magnet on the desired spot on your door and the corresponding metal plate on the floor or wall. The strong magnetic force will ensure a secure hold, keeping your doors exactly where you want them.

Not only are our Magnet Door Stops practical, but they are also built to last. Crafted from high-quality materials, these door holders are durable and resistant to wear and tear. You can trust that they will withstand everyday use and continue to perform reliably.

Whether you are a homeowner, renter, or business owner, our Magnet Door Stops are a must-have addition to your space. Enjoy the convenience and versatility they offer, allowing you to control the movement of your doors effortlessly.

Say goodbye to unsightly holes in your walls and hello to the perfect door hardware solution. Invest in our Magnet Door Stops today and experience the difference they make in your daily life. Order Model Number E434 now and enjoy the benefits of these innovative door holders.

Looking for a simple and effective solution to keep your doors open or closed without punching holes in your walls? Look no further than our Magnet Door Stops! These Magnetic Door Stoppers come in six different colors and are the perfect Door Holder for all your furniture door hardware needs. With a hidden Doorstop design, these Magnetic Door Stops will keep your doors securely in place without being a noticeable eyesore. So why wait? Get your Model Number E434 Magnet Door Stops today and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind they provide!

  • Model Number: E434




Customer Reviews

Based on 459 reviews
Mariane Daugherty

Magnet Door Stops Magnetic Door Stopper

Lowell Terry

high quality. thank you

Werner Price

excellent product . high quality .

Tierra Jerde

Came for 3 weeks in the RB. not yet installed, but looks in full quality

Kaelyn Marquardt

In general, not bad, but expensive for this device, even very much. All good. In KZ for 40 days.

Alia Herzog

Hi all, the limiters for The Doors received within a month, ordered the second time, everything as described, I advise the seller.

Zane Dooley

All right. Quickly and efficiently. Thank you.

Adah Bayer

very good. god glue, good stoper for every door

Diamond Rohan

Delivery time is good. But not the package

Tyson Nitzsche

Magnetic door locking. Sending under bubble wrap, protection assured. Double sided sticker and screws provided. It is up to you to choose the mode of fixing.

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