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Strong Neodymium Magnet Double Side Search Magnetic hook

Strong Neodymium Magnet Double Side Search Magnetic hook

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Strong Neodymium Magnet Double Side Search Magnetic hook D48 - D74*28mm Super Power Salvage Fishing Magnetic Stell Cup Holder

Are you in need of a high-powered magnet for your industrial projects? Look no further than our Strong Neodymium Magnet Double Side Search Magnetic hook! This incredible magnet boasts an impressive size of D48 - D74*28mm, making it the perfect choice for heavy-duty tasks. Made from NdFeB, a powerful magnetic material, this block-shaped magnet is designed to handle even the toughest jobs with ease.

One of the standout features of our Strong Neodymium Magnet is its convenient holes for easy installation. This ensures that you can effortlessly incorporate it into your projects without any hassle. Whether you need it for salvage fishing or to hold steel cups, this magnet is versatile enough to meet your needs.

Don't settle for weak magnets that fail to deliver the desired results. Our Strong Neodymium Magnet guarantees reliable and powerful performance, ensuring that your projects are completed efficiently and effectively. Its permanent magnetism ensures that it will maintain its strength over time, making it a long-lasting investment for your industrial needs.

The size of the magnet is denoted by the outside diameter of the product and the thickness of the product. This information is essential for determining whether it will suit your specific requirements. Additionally, this magnet falls under the block shape category, which further enhances its versatility.

It is important to note that the size of the magnet does not solely refer to the magnet itself. The model numbers D74mmx28mm and D67x28mm provide further specifications for your reference. These details assist in ensuring that the magnet is the perfect fit for your intended application.

Constructed from NdFeB magnet, our Strong Neodymium Magnet offers exceptional magnetic properties, making it ideal for industrial purposes. Its composite material ensures that it is durable and reliable, capable of withstanding the demands of any project.

Whether you require a powerful magnet for industrial applications or any other purpose, our Strong Neodymium Magnet Double Side Search Magnetic hook is the ultimate solution. Trust in its superior strength and performance to effortlessly handle your toughest tasks. Invest in our magnet today and experience the difference it can make in your projects.

Looking for a powerful magnet for your industrial needs? Look no further than our Strong Neodymium Magnet Double Side Search Magnetic hook! With an impressive size of D48 - D74*28mm, this permanent block-shaped magnet is made of NdFeB and has the strength to handle even the toughest jobs. It comes with holes for easy installation and can be used for a range of applications, including salvage fishing and holding steel cups. Don't settle for weak magnets that won't get the job done - choose our Strong Neodymium Magnet for reliable and powerful performance.

  • size: outside diameter of product x thickness of product
  • With Holes: Yes
  • Type: Permanent
  • Shape: Block
  • Note infomation: (the size is not only mean the only magnet size)
  • Model Number: D74mmx28mm/D67x28mm
  • Composite: NdFeB Magnet
  • Application: Industrial Magnet


MAX Vertical Pull-force:it is whole product size,Double holes

D74x28mm:150KG*2+1pc M10Eye Bolt 304 Stainless Steel

D67x28mm:100KG*2+1pc M10Eye Bolt 304 Stainless Steel

D60x22mm:60KG*2+1pc M8Eye Bolt 304 Stainless Steel

D48x20mm:35kg*2+1pc M8Eye Bolt 304 Stainless Steel

This is a very good magnet it is double-sided but it comes with two eyebolt holes and you can use it vertically or horizontally.

1. Magnetic pull force was tested using a computer tensile tester. Actual traction force will vary mainly depending on the following variables:

A: steel thickness: the thinner the steel, the lower the pulling force.Vertical magnetic pulling force was obtained on the basis of 30mm thickness of the steel plate.

B: direction of extrusion: the greater the direction of extrusion is at 90deg, the lower the extrusion force, usually the extrusion force in the horizontal direction is only about one third of that in the vertical direction.

C: attracting position: the farther from the center of gravity, the lower the pulling force.

In addition, the iron chips of the magnetic surface also reduce the pull force of the magnet to some extent.

2. Magnet only attracts iron, ferrous metal and nickel, does not attract gold, silver, copper, aluminium and their alloy and stainless steel.

3. The magnetic force concentrates on the bottom of the fishing magnet, there is almost no magnetic force on other surfaces.


It mainly consists of a high-grade neodymium magnet and a steel shell. The steel case is crucial for enhancing the magnetic force, it can concentrate the Powerful magnetic field at the bottom of the magnet,

which increases the strength of the magnet to more higher than that of a normal neodymium magnet.At the same time, a steel cup can prevent the exposed magnet from scratching and chipping during gripping and clamping.

The magnets are designed for heavy duty and underwater use. It can help restore lost equipment, tools, fishing gear and other black objects in deep water, wells, holes. It is also great for magnetic fishing, lifting, hanging and retrieving applications.

Useful manual

The hold weight is according to the touch face and iron product thickness

The majority of Fishing Magnets are designed to be dropped straight-down (or "dipped") to put the flat underside of the magnet to the top of any ferrous metal object. This limits the effectiveness of the magnet when dragging the magnet along the bottom of the body of water by throwing it out and retrieving it, or walking alongside a dock, pier, or bridge and dragging it along.

That is not the case with this Xhigh Double-sided magnet. When using the side eye-bolt mounting hole, the magnet now has TWO surfaces available - the flat side on bottom that retrieves objects by going over them, and the flat top that can grab an object when the magnet is pulled along an uneven bottom surface, such as gravel, rocks, etc. Where one side may miss the object, the magnet on the other side can "catch" it.

Another great use for this magnet (where the double-side REALLY helps) is for people like me who work on trucks and motorcycles in my driveway and I am always losing a screw, washer, or nut in the grass next to the driveway or sidewalk. This Xhigh Double-sided Fishing Magnet has not failed to find a needed part I dropped by dragging this double-sided magnet through the grass. This method will also work when needing to find metal objects lost or suspected to be in high grass or light brush such as lost items, thrown items, etc.

Customer Reviews

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Coralie Prosacco

Corresponds to the description

Lurline Mraz

The goods are super, works, checked only at home as pulls a magnet. Delivery is very very long! The goods went to Ukraine for 2,5 months. Compared with other goods which arrive in 14-25 days!

Madalyn Luettgen

Strong Neodymium Magnet Double Side Search Magnetic hook

Misael Heidenreich

Strong Neodymium Magnet Double Side Search Magnetic hook

Dorcas Nolan

It seems that it corresponds to the declared parameters. Thank u!

Deron Volkman

It seems that it corresponds to the declared parameters. Thank u!

Mitchell Kessler

The goods came without damage, in a strictly dedicated time, thanks to the seller!!!

Gerald Collins

There was a magnet, like all norms, a magnet on both sides. 9 kg. Exactly holds

Isaac McLaughlin

Thank you! It came quickly! Good packing! Very satisfied!

Brielle Krajcik

Everything is fine

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